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Aliens vs. Predator £13.49 @ The Game Collection [Xbox 360 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Aliens vs. Predator £13.49 @ The Game Collection [Xbox 360 Games]

Whilst investigating a predator ruin and conducting some rather risky experiments with a couple of zenomorphs, the colonial marines capture a lone predator who promptly sends out a distress signal to his people, and once they arrive to rescue him all hell breaks loose between the three species.

NB. Remember to use the code STUDENT10% to get the game at the advertised price.

The Game Collection are parting with copies on the Xbox 360 for £13.49, which is almost £4 cheaper than the next best offer of £17.47 coming in from Cool Shop UK.

The single player campaigns give you slightly different perspectives of the same events, depending on which species you decide to play as, and they're different enough that you get a little bit of variety.

Unfortunately the game overall is a massive disappointment. The marine's campaign looks the best, but the extra time that's been invested into the visuals of his tale is definitely at the expense of the other two. It's also extremely irritating that you're limited to the number of primary weapons that you can carry, and I for one don't believe that a hardened soldier would risk throwing away a weapon when facing one deadly alien species, yet alone two!

Being a predator should have been a magnificent stealth experience, as you stalk your enemies from a distance before silently moving in to finish them off, unfortunately it seems like the developers have handicapped the aesthetically challenged alien at every opportunity. Never in any any predator film, have I seen a predator drop their cloak immediately after a kill when there are still numerous enemies littered around the environment, it would be a suicidal tactical error, yet this happens every time you unleash an attack during the course of the game. The only exception to this infuriating rule is when you're using the spear gun, but by the time you get it the game's pretty much over. Whilst separating a single marine from the rest of his company is great fun at first, you'll soon realise that every single one you come across falls for the old simulated human voice in a secluded area routine.

Taking control of the alien is by far the most fun as it's a whirlwind of natural, brute force. Sadly, whizzing around walls and ceilings quickly becomes disorientating and can often lead to the downfall of a seemingly well planned course of action.

Even though the price is dropping I'd advise you to stay away from this one, especially if you're a fan because you'll be so angry at the way the game manages to tarnish the reputation of the characters involved.

Thanks to andywedge @ HUKD

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