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Aliens vs Predator £18.70 @ Tesco Entertainment [PS3/Xbox 360 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Aliens vs Predator £18.70 @ Tesco Entertainment [PS3/Xbox 360 Games]

In this instalment to the hugely popular Aliens vs Predator franchise, Rebellion have created a game that revolves around a very predictable stock plot; humans investigating a predator artefact inadvertently activate a distress beacon that summons a predator ship to the planet they’re on. The humans have also been experimenting with aliens, which manage to orchestrate a miraculous escape conveniently coinciding with the predators’ arrival. A battle of survival then occurs between the three species.

At the moment, you can pick up the game from Tesco Entertainment for £18.70, which is just under £3 cheaper than the next best offer of £22.00 from Amazon. Normally you'd pay the same, but the FTSL15-1 voucher code will help to knock 15% off of the price for you.

NB. Remember to enter the code FTSL15-1 to knock 15% off and get it at this price

Whilst the whole premise of the series has been to allow players to experience the action from each species point of view, it’s also its greatest downfall. The already worn out story feels stretched beyond its limits, and you can tell the developers have had to compromise on areas of each single player campaign in a rush to complete the game for its release.

Taking control of the predator should allow players a vast array of ways to dispatch their targets using superior technology and stealth tactics, however I found myself having to conform to endless limitations, the most annoying of which was having to constantly run away from groups of measly humans after my cloaking device decided to fail whenever I used a weapon (the exception to the rule being the spear gun, but by the time you get it, most enemies can detect you whether you’re cloaked or not).

The marine’s campaign whilst being graphically rich and feeling like you’ve been dropped directly onto the set of Aliens, just doesn’t stand up to other FPSs on the market. Out of the three playable characters, I found the Alien was by far the most enjoyable, however the gameplay quickly becomes repetitive and tedious, and it seems like the only thing that changes about each mission is the level layout. The multiplayer, which was the crowning achievement of earlier additions to the series, now just feels horribly dated.

The price is a good one considering the game's age, however, in my opinion this is still too much for a game that’s guaranteed to disappoint. Having really enjoyed the previous games in the AvP series, I was looking forward to this entry into the current generation of consoles. Unfortunately I quickly found myself becoming frustrated with the repetitive and hugely limited gameplay.

Thanks to tinodz at HUKD

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