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Aliens vs Predator £9.99 @ Play [PS3 & XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Aliens vs Predator £9.99 @ Play [PS3 & XBox 360 Games]

If you missed the Aliens vs Predator deal that Felix posted last week then you can now pick it up from Play for just a couple of pennies more.

The Play price of £9.99 is £2 less than the next best for either console, £11.99 from Powerplay Direct and at most retailers it costs at least £13.

With Aliens vs Predator you get three games in one, giving you the opportunity to play in the shoes of the marines or the exoskeleton of the aliens and predators. Each section is made up of five campaigns with its own story that fits together with the other parts to provide an overarching narrative. As an alien you find yourself trapped in a laboratory by some mean scientists and you must make your escape so that you can head over to the marine's base and cause some good old fashioned mischief with your face cuddling buddies. As a predator you must survive the rites of passage that allow you to shed your "Young Blood" status and join a mission party on a neighbouring planet.

These alien and predator segments are quite fun with some fairly unique gameplay hooks to grab your attention but the awkward control system does put a bit of a dampener on things. The marines section on the other hand is just a fairly standard first person shooter affair but it does offer some nice creepy moments and evoke a decent atmosphere.

It's far from life changing but Aliens vs Predator is a damn sight better than its movie counterpart and certainly worth a punt at this price.

Thanks to Emera1d at Hotukdeals!

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