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Aliens vs Predator Download | £2.84 | ShopTo | PC

Jonathan Lester
Aliens vs Predator, FPS games, PC games, Rebellion Developments, Sega
Aliens vs Predator Download | £2.84 | ShopTo | PC

Aliens Vs Predator ought to have set the world on fire, but it ended up being a bug hunt rather than a stand up fight (ha). Trust me, you’re in for some chop (heh). Insert Aliens quote here (laugh). The core action is solid enough and everything generally works to some degree, which jars uncomfortably with the weak graphics and numerous niggles. That said, Brendan rated it very highly... and it's so freaking cheap I can scarcely believe my eyes. Surely someone can find it a good home?

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yudi  Jun. 26, 2013 at 04:39



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