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Aliens vs Predator Hunter Exclusive Edition £24.99 @ HMV [PC, PS3 & Xbox 360 Games]

Jonathan Lester
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Aliens vs Predator Hunter Exclusive Edition £24.99 @ HMV [PC, PS3 & Xbox 360 Games]

Aliens vs Predator has been receiving some fairly lukewarm reviews- but it's still a fun and functional shooter that appeals to fans of the series. More excitingly, HMV have lowered the price of their exclusive Hunter Edition to £24.99... which is the same price as the special Survivor edition everywhere else but contains a few bonus goodies on top of the extra DLC! Who doesn't want a replica facehugger on their desk, after all...

Sink your teeth/disgusting chitinous mandibles into Brendan's full review to get a taste for what Aliens vs Predator has to offer, but we're going to focus on the bonus merch that HMV's exclusive Hunter edition brings to the table.

First of all, it contains the contents of the Survivor edition: which is to say that it's bundled with four DLC maps that you'd otherwise have to download. Oh, and a steelbook, which is 350% more reliable than a regular book in a combat situation (I'm reliably informed). As I mentioned, this edition retails for £24.99 by itself... meaning that the following goodies are effectively free.

The Hunter edition nets you a detailed plastic facehugger replica, Weyland Yutani cloth patch and a holographic postcard in a presentation box. Whilst there's a danger of the beastie's fragile tail snapping in transit, this is a fairly impressive range of extras considering the newly reduced price tag.

Basically, if you were thinking about buying the Survivor edition of AvP... then buy this instead.

Thanks to Mieciux at Hot UK Deals

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