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From Alternative Resi 5 To Microsoft's 1 Million Live Ban Mission: News Roundup November 10th

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Today’s news roundup sees Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition arrive in spring in the form of DLC, EA axe over 1500 jobs in their latest restructuring plan, and Microsoft really crack down on videogame pirates as over 600,000 Xbox Live accounts are banned in the USA and Canada.

Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition Will Release As DLC

From Alternative Resi 5 To Microsoft's 1 Million Live Ban Mission: News Roundup November 10th

Rather than come in disc form as previously speculated, it appears Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition will arrive as DLC.  According to Capcom’s Chris Kramer, feedback from North America, Europe, and Australia contributed to their decision for a downloadable release.  Kramer announces we should be “ready to roll” in spring 2010, assuming we hold on to our original RE5 disc.

He teases “new Resident Evil adventures” and a few surprises are in store for when the game arrives. As the Tokyo Game Show revealed, an Episode starring Jill Valentine will feature in the alternative edition, and include support for Sony’s upcoming motion controller, also due for release next spring.  More info will likely be made available before the game sees release.  [1UP]

EA Announce 1500 Job Cuts in “Cost Reduction Plan”

From Alternative Resi 5 To Microsoft's 1 Million Live Ban Mission: News Roundup November 10th

Thanks to a “Cost Reduction Plan” designed in order to “provide greater focus on titles with higher margin opportunities,” EA are laying off an incredible 1,500 employees, roughly around 17% of their workforce.  EA announced “This action will result in the closure of several facilities and a headcount reduction of approximately 1,500 positions, of which 1,300 are included in a restructuring plan.

The plan should come into effect by March 2010, reportedly saving the publisher an annual saving of at least $100 million, while costing them between $130 and $150 million to implement.  Although EA didn’t specifically announce which sections were cut, rumours suggest EA Tibron, Black Box, Redwood Shores and Mythic are among those affected.  [Kotaku]

600,000 Xbox Live Accounts Banned as Microsoft Crack Down On Piracy

From Alternative Resi 5 To Microsoft's 1 Million Live Ban Mission: News Roundup November 10th

Microsoft announced nearly 2 weeks ago they had initiated a mass banning on Xbox Live of anyone found guilty of playing pirated games.  It appears a shocking 600,000 accounts have so far been disabled in the US and Canada alone, with many more on the way.  A source from a call centre dealing with Xbox 360 accounts claims “Our office has gone to hell, people have been calling in around the clock and most of them are screaming teen-agers who don't understand the terms of use that comes with the console they bought. “  Poor teens.

Microsoft have apparently been given a target of one million banned accounts by the end of Christmas, so expect a lot more angered teens, and hopefully a lot less videogame pirates by the time the holidays are over.  [Pinoycosplay]

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Gunn  Nov. 10, 2009 at 18:57

Good to see Xbox finally cracking down on piracy, taken them a while though.

new ps3 gamer  Nov. 11, 2009 at 13:59

I would say, It's a very good to time to invest in sony. I bet they sell a million ps3 s by xmas!! I will be one of them! Microsoft has just lost millions of gamers. Goodbye xbox hello, Ps3

OFI  Nov. 13, 2009 at 01:11

lol I bet they will be very sad to see you go. You COULD buy a PS3 or you know.. you could just use a 360 legally. It's not like they have removed features...

Most people have put the banned console on eBay and gone straight out and replaced it. Whilst i'm sure some will migrate to PS3 I don't think the number will be significant that MS will worry about losing a bunch of pirates.

Late  Nov. 13, 2009 at 11:38

"Microsoft has just lost millions of gamers. Goodbye xbox hello, Ps3"

I've been thieving from your company and now you're trying to stop me I'm going to go elsewhere?
Wahahahahaha! You're like a shoplifter threatening to take their business elsewhere.

Go on, sod off to Sony, you parasite.

Matt Gardner  Nov. 13, 2009 at 14:33

I dunno....considering that you can pick up an Elite for well under £200, and that Microsoft's projected sales arcs are a good two years in front of Sony's, I wouldn't say that they've got anything to worry about. Plus Microsoft are earning massive props from developers for this.

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