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Amazon Launches UK Digital Games Storefront

Jonathan Lester
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Amazon Launches UK Digital Games Storefront

After months of making us plug in false US addresses just to access the best Amazon deals, the online giant has finally brought their digital games marketplace to the UK. The new store has entered beta, with both deals and free-to-play options available. Games will be bound to your Amazon account unless specifically distributed as (for example) Steam or Uplay codes.

“Customers buying software and video games who want their products quickly can now download these products straight to their computer with the click of a button," Xavier Garambois, Vice-President, European Consumer Business at Amazon EU S.à.r.l. wrote in a press release. “Not only is this exciting for everyday purchases but for major upcoming releases, Amazon customers will be able to get their hands on products without waiting for them to arrive in the post.”

It's about time, frankly. We - and the legendary HUKD community - will doubtlessly be keeping an eye on it with considerable interest.

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Quietus  Aug. 7, 2013 at 12:18

Well, they'll effectively be competing with themselves. If their UK prices don't compete with the US ones, then the false addressing will continue. Now that it's all digdis (digital distribution - I'm coining that right now!), it's always about nothing but the price.

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