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American DS Games £4 - £8 @ DVDBoxOffice

Marius Goubert
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American DS Games £4 - £8 @ DVDBoxOffice

Anyone out there looking for some great DS game bargains should check out these transatlantic imports to the UK  from DVD box office. They have some great titles including Guitar Hero On Tour for as little as £4.66 which is pretty special as the game is £14.99 on Amazon.

Guitar Hero On Tour is probably one of the best games they are offering (I have not played the other titles) but they include:American DS Games £4 - £8 @ DVDBoxOffice

There are a few important points to remember regarding imports from America however…

Firstly, do not order over £18 worth of games in one order as you might have to pay import tax – which can be a lot! Also remember these are American style editions meaning they will work on any UK DS but you may not be able to play wirelessly with anyone using a UK version of the game.

American games also have slimmer game boxes and occasionally different artwork, so you cannot trade them in at UK stores. (You can still flog them on Ebay though!) American DS Games £4 - £8 @ DVDBoxOffice

Also remember that these prices do not include postage and packaging, but even with a few pound extra, they are still insanely cheap! So if you’re a hardcore bargain hunter looking for some new additions to your DS, don’t get caught paying the RRP, as savings like these will have you on the road to early retirement.

Thanks artr & rileyroxx!

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