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American McGee's Fairytale Game Is 'Crazy Fairies'

Jonathan Lester
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American McGee's Fairytale Game Is 'Crazy Fairies'

Won't Return To Home Consoles Any Time Soon

American McGee (him of id Software and Alice fame) has announced that his fairytale social game teased last week is called Crazy Fairies - and will be a turn-based artillery title reminiscent of Worms. He's also got a dark and twisted mobile verison of Red Riding Hood in the pipeline - and isn't planning to peddle his wares on home consoles "out of the gate."

Speaking to PlayerAttack at GDC, McGee confirmed the name as well as stating that it will be based on "a multitude of fairy tale stories from around the world." Crazy Fairies promises to be an "advanced casual" 2D artillery affair, using the fairytale setting as art direction cues as well as weapon inspiration.

Spicy Horse is also working on two other mobile titles - Bighead BASH and Red Riding Hood-inspired Akaneiro: Demon Hunters - and won't consider publishing on home consoles in the forseeable future. Apparently iOS and Android represents 'the path of least resistance.'

We are not interested in publishing to Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo proprietary platforms (at least not right out of the gate).

There’s only so much bandwidth a team can throw at various incarnations of the games they build – both from a development/support perspective, and from a business development perspective. Our ‘path’ is the one we view as having the least resistance – iOS, Android and web/social. If, after we find success on those platforms, we feel the need for “more” then we might publish elsewhere. This strategy means we can better focus our limited resources on making the best games possible.

We'll keep you posted, and I may well give these titles the full review treatment over at Mobot.net when the time comes.

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