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AMY Review | Frightfully Disappointing

Matt Gardner
Amy, Horror games, Lexis Numerique, PSN, Survival Horror, VectorCell, XBLA
Amy | PC | Playstation 3 | Xbox 360

AMY Review | Frightfully Disappointing

Platforms: PC | PS3 (reviewed) | Xbox 360

Developer: VectorCell

Publisher: Lexis Numerique

Sometimes, every once in a while, a game will come along that is riddled with the most basic issues. The graphics will lurch between dire and vomit-inducing, the control inputs will seem to require extra fingers and conventions of convenience for the player will be notable by their absence.  Yet, occasionally, there'll be a game that warrants love and affection in spite of these things, a game that sneaks up on you with its inventive charm and original disposition. A game that you find yourself still playing, six hours later, even after you used every swear word under the sun in the first ten minutes. A game that redeems itself; one that makes everything worthwhile.

AMY is not one of those games.

A survival-horror title, supposedly, the premise is your typical genre affair. You play as Lana, a character who under different circumstances might well have been one of the most interesting and unique to have graced consoles in a while. Her young companion, the titular Amy, is mute, tense and spends much of the game whimpering. As the game begins, Lana and Amy are on a train, having escaped from a shady research facility where it is suggested untrusttworthy men in white coats have been studying the little girl rather closely. The opening exchange between Lana and a conductor reveals a host of expository cliches, with the rather dodgy animation hinting at the technical horrors to come.

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