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Analyst: NPD Data Shows Low Wii U Game Sales

Matt Gardner
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Analyst: NPD Data Shows Low Wii U Game Sales

Ah analysts. We even have a ban on one or two of the more notable pencil pushers and number crunchers who tend to grab headlines for stating the bleeding obvious. However, it would seem that the NPD data from last week hid a little tidbit of information that might not bode well for Nintendo's recently released console.

According to GII, Longbow Research's James Hardiman noted that "while the original Wii saw two games sold for every console in its opening month on shelves in 2006, the Wii U posted a comparatively paltry 1.2 games sold per system".

Hardiman's suspicions are that this could be down to a couple of further factors, such as the NintendoLand pack-in for Wii U Deluxe bundles, but also that the higher-than-hoped price "left consumers without the spare funds for software".

We've seen that the Wii U's release didn't bother the UK top ten charts at all on opening day, and there's not even a whiff of a title for the platform in the top twenty this week, just eight days after launch.

With a number of game delays, pushing titles back into next year, it could just be that rushing to get the console out before Christmas might not have been the best idea. Nintendo have been suggesting initial sellouts, but we've had reports in from one or two consumers this past week noting that their local GAME outlets have barely shifted any Wii U units, even as PS3s and Xbox 360s have been flying off of the shelves.

We're holding out for Sony to release a report featuring self-sourced graphs for the home console market in the new year, maybe to get their own back for Ninty's rather smug corporate trolling earlier in the year over handhelds. [GII]

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