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Anarchy Reigns Getting Limited Pre-Order Edition, Includes Bayonetta Character

Jonathan Lester
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Anarchy Reigns Getting Limited Pre-Order Edition, Includes Bayonetta Character

Brilliant brawler Anarchy Reigns will be arriving on British shores next January for £19.99, and Platinum Games would like to sweeten the deal for early adopters. Pre-order customers can upgrade to the Limited Edition for free, which includes fan-favourite Bayonetta as a playable character along with some extra DLC.

Bayonetta doesn't handle quite as fluidly as you might remember since attacks have been rebalanced for competitive play, but her outrageous hair-based skills make for a versatile and brutal combatant.

Anarchy Reigns Getting Limited Pre-Order Edition, Includes Bayonetta Character

The limited edition will also include two extra game modes. At the risk of sounding like a corporate drone, here's the copy/pasted skinny:

  • Mad Survival: a team of 3 players duke it out against waves of enemies, much as in the normal survival mode. However, these enemies now take the form of the other playable characters in Anarchy Reigns, leading to a far tougher series of battles that require serious tactical thinking to outsmart your foes.
  • Dogfight: players hang from helicopters -pelting each other with bullets until their opponents fall out of the sky.As well as being a surreal new spin on this multiplayer brawler this aerial-based game mode is an entertaining change of pace from land-based conflict, also offering gamers a new way to explore the locations found in-game.

These two extra modes compliment a bevy of game modes for up to sixteen players, the best of which is the outrageous Battle Royale where entire city blocks become your unpredictable playground. As bombers scream overhead, typhoons fling cars around like toys and tectonic plates shift beneath your feet, trust me, you ain't played a brawler like this before.

I described Anarchy Reigns as one of the "very best online multiplayer games of this generation" in our in-depth 9/10 import review. More details lurk within.

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Breadster  Nov. 8, 2012 at 21:16

Looking forward to this!

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