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Anarchy Reigns Story Details Leak Out: Jack's Back!

Jonathan Lester
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Anarchy Reigns Story Details Leak Out: Jack's Back!

We were all over Platinum Games' Anarchy Reigns when it was still just a rumour, but the subsequent announcements did little to fill us in on its context, backstory and any singleplayer component. For all the world, it looked like the title was set to be an online multiplayer shooter featuring MadWorld's chainsaw-toting protagonist! However, some delicious new details have leaked out of the Land Of The Rising Sun that flesh out in the plot and singleplayer campaign.

Famitsu Magazine (as reported by Andriasang) has revealed that Anarchy Reigns- known as Max Anarchy in Japan- will feature a full singleplayer campaign set in the far future. War, terrorism and rampant biological warfare has thrown the world into chaos, and the story will begin in the blighted city of Altanbra.

The ruined metropolis will be as much of a character as MadWorld's Jack, who will be the 'hero' of the piece. To progress through the campaign, he'll need to take on a variety of missions from around the city, including a host of optional objectives and subquests for extra rewards. Altanbra will evolve in response to player actions, providing real-time scenery destruction and even natural distasters. Three rivals will block Jack's every move and provide the basis for the multiplayer characters.

Anarchy Reigns is reportedly 75% complete and on course for an Autumn release. We'll keep an eye on it. [Andriasang]

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