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Angry Birds Developer Suggests Console Games Are 'Dying'

Matt Gardner
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Angry Birds Developer Suggests Console Games Are 'Dying'

Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka, whose mobile title Angry Birds recently crossed 100 million downloads, spoke over the weekend at SXSW outlining his views on how the mobile platform has reinvigorated the gaming sphere, providing far more opportunities for developers to innovate. Using  the far lower costs and greatly reduced development times to support his point, he suggested that this was largely down to mobile gaming companies being far more 'nimble' than their larger counterparts, and that as mobile games continue to grow, the console game is 'dying'.

Vesterbacka was wholly unconvinced by the higher price-point business model that sees games retailing for $40+, perhaps unsurprising considering the vast popularity of Angry Birds and the fact that you can download it for free and with premium content at 99 cents, although Nokia's Tero Ojanpera argued that there’s still a place for consoles, as the notion of  plugging tablet devices into their televisions won't necessarily appeal to gamers.

Vesterbacka also hit out at the term 'casual gaming', bemoaning it's usage and protesting that no one talks about 'casual movies'. [VentureBeat]

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Sam  Mar. 14, 2011 at 11:23

I'd argue that, if anything, casual gaming is more likely to die sooner, under the colossal weight of the massive amount of shite being produced. Crash of 1984 anyone?

Gunn  Mar. 14, 2011 at 12:03

Well not surprised for him to say this but I certainly don't believe it, there is too much money put into big games, I mean does he also think Youtube is the end of Hollywood...


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