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Angry Birds Topples 200 Million Downloads

Felix Kemp
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Angry Birds Topples 200 Million Downloads

Angry Birds' success has been nothing less than phenomenal, so it's of no surprise to hear it's whistled past the two hundred million downloads mark. The swine-hating, structure-toppling puzzler, which began life on Apple's iPhone, had already netted twelve million downloads on the App Store alone, but publisher Rovio expanded the brand to desktops, home consoles and even Apple rival, the Windows Phone 7. This cross-platform blitz yielded much fruit; two hundred million fruit, to be precise.

Angry Birds' creator, Peter Vesterbacka, announced the news on-stage at Rovio event yesterday, championing the news by throwing a large rock at trussed-up pig - only joking PETA. Vesterbacka also revealed the browser-based Angry Birds - released just a week ago - has already averaged five million web downloads. The continued success of Angry Birds demonstrates just how resilient the casual market is; which is sure to shock a few industry figures who don't fancy the industry much. [Joystiq]

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