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Looking Ahead - Most Anticipated Game of 2015 Award

Matt Gardner
Game of the Year Awards 2014, Most Anticipated For 2015

Looking Ahead - Most Anticipated Game of 2015 Award

2014 is behind us (catch up with all of our Game of the Year 2014 awards by clicking here) and so we now turn our attention to the months ahead. There's a feeling that this new generation of games consoles is yet to really spark into life, perhaps, but 2015 might just see that complaint fizzle out. With games like this on the horizon, let's hope so.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Looking Ahead - Most Anticipated Game of 2015 Award

What we said: "The slice of gameplay I got sampled more than raised my excitement levels for the return to Gotham City. The visuals and slickness of the action proved that this really is a new/current-gen title, and will hopefully be one that will raise the bar for what we expect from our console titles in the future."


What we said: Demon's Souls and Dark Souls were games I deeply respected, but never quite managed to love. Their cohesive art direction, non-traditional narratives and willingness to brutalise are everything I look for on paper, but as a fan of responsive brawlers, we just never quite clicked. From what I played at Gamescom, Bloodborne and I are going to get along famously."


What we said: "BROFORCE is responsive, hectic, stonkingly gratutious and an absolute cathartic joy even at this early stage."

EverQuest Next

What we said: "Despite the fact it was incredibly rough around the edges in terms of user friendliness, we came away impressed by the scope of what could be achieved with heavily-modified Forgelight game engine. The community were building highly impressive constructions even back then, and it gave us a great idea of what we could expect from Everquest Next proper in the future."

Halo 5: Guardians

Looking Ahead - Most Anticipated Game of 2015 Award

What we said: "Halo as a series frequently gave us the tools for the job and told us to get on with the mission in any way we saw fit. What we need from 343 when it comes to Halo 5 is the same expansive vision and capacity for open, endlessly-replayable level design that Bungie had with that first game."

No Man's Sky

Looking Ahead - Most Anticipated Game of 2015 Award

What we said: "I'm intrigued and impressed by the scale of Hello Games' ambitions with No Man's Sky, and the freedom of interstellar exploration is something that I've been enjoying enormously with Elite: Dangerous, but it'll be interesting to see how compelling the universe is when I have the game in my hands. I can't wait to find out."

The Witcher III

Looking Ahead - Most Anticipated Game of 2015 Award

What we said: "CD Projekt RED don't make bad games. The Witcher series has already delivered two enormous, industry-shaking, fantastic RPGs that rather made a mockery of other studios' attempts at taking on themes of choice and consequence. Wild Hunt looks enormous and, better yet, enormously detailed to boot. Life and death, game-changing decisions will abound as we step into the well-worn boots of Geralt once more."

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Looking Ahead - Most Anticipated Game of 2015 Award

What we said: "Uncharted has always had a fantastic selection of characters too, with nigh-on perfect casting. Can they improve? Well, they've only gone and added Troy Baker to the mix as Nate's older brother! That Tomb Raider wound just got a hell of a lot less painful."

Winner | The Witcher III

Looking Ahead - Most Anticipated Game of 2015 Award

A community might get wiped off of the map depending on what options you decide to take. A forest will be forever changed by your actions. You can ignore it, of course, and gallop onwards on your main quest, but if you want a deeper experience, if you want to sink yourself deeper into the multiple interwoven narratives of this world, you can. At any time. Of course, it remains to be seen if CD Projekt RED can make this vast world as dense and as vibrant and diverse as our imaginations are feverishly envisaging, but if they can, if they can actually pull off this overwhelmingly ambitious feat, then they won't have just arrived in the big leagues, they'll have put everyone else to shame.

What we saw was simply breathtaking, and it has the potential to be the best RPG we've seen in over a decade.

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Late  Jan. 2, 2015 at 09:53

Looking forward to Final Fantasy XV, but as this is a list of games we're looking forward to in 2015 rather than "hopefully this decade" I guess it might not qualify...

Gotta agree with the winner. The Witcher 3 is looking great.
I must get round to playing The Witcher 2 at some point... (Don't forget to download your free copy later this month if you have xbox gold, folks.)

Crackdown is also one of my most anticipated games for this year.

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