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APB £17.99 @ Coolshop [PC Games]

Jonathan Lester
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APB £17.99 @ Coolshop [PC Games]

Okay, let's kick things off by saying that this deal certainly isn't for everyone. Lukewarm reviews and eventual supplementary topups will make this a fairly niche offer for a niche audience... but if you're looking to buy into Realtime Worlds' cops 'n' robbers MMO, there's a serious saving to be made. Coolshop are currently charging £17.99 which will save you just under £6 compared to ShopTo (the nearest price rival).

APB is a cops and robbers online RPG that takes place in a dynamic urban setting. As a cop you'll chase down suspects and respond to crimes in progress- or as member of San Pero's criminal element you'll raise hell, commit felonies and basically do your best to run the town. Oh, and you'll shoot loads of people regardless of your alignment.

It's a great premise to be sure, but some unbalanced gunplay and surprisingly small-scale shootouts water down the experience. APB is fairly hit and miss- and it delivers moments of complete joyous carnage right along with some intense frustration. MMOs need to be dependable to survive... and at the moment, APB is quite difficult to wholeheartedly recommend.

Rather than charging a monthly fee, APB uses a points system that allows you to pay for the hours you play rather than a flat rate that might go to waste. 50 hours of game time are included with this deal, but after that you'll need to purchase RTW Points... which can then be exchanged for in game hours. It might sound confusing, but this is actually a neat little system that other MMO developers could learn from. Having said that, the jury's still out on whether it's worth the money.

Thanks to millarcat at Hot UK Deals

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