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APB: Reloaded Open Beta Approaching, Old Character Restorations Now Available

Carl Phillips
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APB: Reloaded Open Beta Approaching, Old Character Restorations Now Available

Reloaded Productions, owned by online gaming outfit GamersFirst, have announced that their reboot of the ill-fated MMOTPS APB: All Points Bulletin will be entering its Open Beta stage on 19th May. This will give the public and former players of the MMO a chance to see the changes that have been unleashed on the aptly renamed APB: Reloaded.

This comes several months after GamersFirst bought the rights to APB after its disastrous launch with original developers Realtime Worlds, who along with the game went out of business within a month of its release. While the game was praised for its heavy customisation, APB was riddled with bugs, exploits, and hackers, along with an experimental (and not well received) subscription system. The developers have aimed to fix these problems with the latest patch in the currently closed beta.

While the core game of Enforcers verses Criminals is remaining the same, Reloaded will turn into a Free2Play title with the inclusion of a micro-transaction shop. According to the official blog, players will have access to the full power of the impressive customisation options but will be limited to a set number of layers / slots for their designs, which can be expanded with the use of a Premium account. In addition, items such as leased weapons and vehicles will be available to purchase with in-game currency along with permanent, more expensive versions.

There have been balance improvements added to weapons, vehicles and upgrades, and player spawning during missions has been addressed. Incoming changes to matchmaking, as well as dedicated districts to advanced players, are expected soon.

It was also announced this morning that the Character Restoration program had begun for players of the beta, allowing those that had previously played the Realtime Worlds incarnation to recover old characters. This includes their avatars and custom designs, however money, weapons, vehicles and agent progression (which has been revamped) will not be restored.

If you’re interested in joining the Open Beta, wish to find out details on restoring your old characters, or want to see a full list of the changes from the original release, you can find details on the blog of the official website. Stay tuned for impressions on the re-launched title towards the end of the month!

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Horation Dogmatix  May. 7, 2011 at 21:33

Luckily I got a APB Reloaded beta code from a giveaway site today so I can say that the game is pretty amazing so far!

If anyone else hasn't gotten a code yet and wants to try it out, the site I got my key from is here:



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