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Arcen Games: "We Wouldn't Have Been Able To Stay In Business Without Steam"

Matt Gardner
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Arcen Games: "We Wouldn't Have Been Able To Stay In Business Without Steam"

One of the big quandaries to face indie devs revolves around the issue of distribution. Is it better to distribute oneself and retain full control of the profits, or look to expand one's visibility in return for a financial cut by shacking up with a service like Steam. Well, according to Arcen Games' Chris Park, without the atter option, his company would have abandoned ship a long time ago.

"Players should always buy games in whatever way is most convenient for them," said Park, talking to GameSpy. "If we weren't happy with a way of selling our game, we wouldn't be selling it that way. Some players like to buy direct from developers because logically the developers get a larger cut of the revenue, and that's great -- but when you buy through a distributor you increase our sales rank and visibility through that distributor, which is also valuable. No matter where you buy it from, everybody wins!"

Considering the huge market share Steam has when it comes to digital distribution on PC, the potential audience could be very large indeed, if you can get noticed.

"The Steam audience is massive," continued Park, "and quite frankly we wouldn't have been able to stay in business these last three years without them."

Thankfully, A Valley Without Wind was pretty damn special, and received a lot of critical acclaim. We had this to say in our review:

A Valley Without Wind is enormous, life-affirming and brilliant. Enormous randomised worlds go hand in hand with tight gameplay and infinite scope for exploration and experimentation over dozens of hours. If you're looking for a new time sink that can be enjoyed for minutes or days at a time, prepare yourself for a new addiction.

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