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Area 51 & The Suffering FREE @ BigDownload [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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Area 51 & The Suffering FREE @ BigDownload [PC Games]

We love free stuff here at Dealpswn, hence our Click To Play weekly feature of the very best free Flash, but there's nothing quite like nabbing a full game for absolutely zilch. It's been around for a little while now, but, in case you don't know, BigDownload are offering downloadable copies of Area 51 and The Suffering for less than a penny sweet. The former sees Mulder and Marilyn Manson facing off against one another as a mutagenic virus breaks out inside the infamous base, whilst the latter has you playing as a murderer sentenced to death attempting to break free from prison after an earthquake leads to a monstrous invasion of creatures that loosely personify all of the forms of execution used by the judiciary.

Both games were originally released as freeware in a deal sponsored by the United States Air Force, although those links since expired, but now at least we can still get two fairly decent games for absolutely nothing.

Area 51 is actually an alright shooter. The plot is pretty silly and the graphics are really quite outdated now but it's a good little sci-fi action romp and well worth checking out if you're bored and nothing to do but pick your toenails and stare at your navel. There's an interesting little scanning mini-game to give you more details on your surroundings and enemy types and when you get infected yourself, there's some nifty mutant powerhousing to be done. It's pretty unremarkable, but it's fun in short bursts and...oh yeah....it's free!

The Suffering is a third-person action-adventure that bears slight similarities to Manhunt. You play as Torque, the man sentenced to death for murdering his wife and two kids (or did he?) and you have to deal with supernatural monsters and the penitentiary inhabitants as you try to bust your way out. Most interestingly, there's a three-way morality system (good, bad, meh) and a mini battle for your soul going on as you'll encounter situations where you have to make a choice, and the ghost of your wife will vie with hellish demons to try and sway your judgement. It an entertaining little game, if a little repetitive, but there's some solid action, good monster design and multiple endings to be had.

These aren't exactly chart-topping gobsmackers, but they're sturdy games that deserve a playthrough, if only to remember the now-defunct Midway. Plus, you know, they're FREE!

Thanks to james4809 @ HUKD

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