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ArenaNet Boss Talks Guild Wars 2 Status

Carl Phillips
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ArenaNet Boss Talks Guild Wars 2 Status

Account Security, Bots, & Server Issues Addressed

After a week of operation with the Headstart period, Mike O’Brien, the co-founder of ArenaNet, took to Reddit to update the community on the current status of several areas for Guild Wars 2. Many topics were on the list, with account security perhaps being the biggest one of the lot. We have a round-up of the important stuff after the jump.

Let’s start with Account Security – O’Brian stated that there had been an increase in reports of account thefts, as well as noticing actual attempts happen themselves. The usual methods of pre-existing Trojans and acquired data from other games and websites were suggested to be possible sources. To combat this, the reset password feature has been turned off for now, and the advice to use a unique password for the game was issued.

This reporter in fact had 2 emails this morning saying there had been two attempts to reset his GW1 password. Nice try, you thieving -[End of statement retracted for being far too offensive –Ed.]

Email Authentication has been an issue since day one, with verification links expiring within seconds of the email being sent. This is allegedly being fixed, with the solution being rolled out to servers asI type this, so stay tuned.

It was admitted that many social features are “periodically failing,” such as Guild invites and group features. High traffic is exacerbating the problem, and ArenaNet are currently working on a fix.

One thing that hasn’t been explained clearly to players is the roles of overflow servers. These international servers act as an overspill for players when their home server is currently full, with players placed in a queue to return them back to their home server. This has unfortunately led to lagging issues and groups of friends becoming separated from each other, with the “join friend” option not always working. Again, this is currently being looked into.

The Trading Post, which acts as the Auction House of the game, has been down since Day One, but test over the last 24 hours have reportedly been positive, and ArenaNet hope to have it open again very soon.

The final big news to come out of it was the issue of Botting. ArenaNet are aware of “unsophisticated” methods currently being used in a casual sense, and are now handing out 72-hour bans to first offenders. Anyone found botting in the near future can expect to be permanently removed from the game if they attempt to manipulate the system.

Also addressed were the full servers and the lack of any official forum at the moment. You can read the address in its entirety by heading over to Reddit.

As someone who has seen several MMO launches over the last decade, I’ve found the issues to be fairly tame compared to other games’ opening weeks, but we can only hope that the issues stated above are dealt with in a timely manner. In the meantime, you can expect our Initial Impressions from Guild Wars 2 in the very near future, and can always check out our latest episode of Dealspwn Playthrough to see the game in action.

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