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Arma 2 £8.98 @ Game.co.uk and Gameplay.co.uk [PC Game]

Marius Goubert
Armed Assault, First person shooter, Operation Flashpoint

Arma 2 £8.98 @ Game.co.uk and Gameplay.co.uk [PC Game]

When it comes to games like Armed Assault and Operation Flashpoint, they’re really not for everyone. The game play of these titles has to be some of the most horrendously frustrating and unforgiving I’ve ever encountered, and certainly a far cry from your Modern Warfare 2’s and – sadly - your Operation Flashpoint 2’s. However, that said, when you stuck with a game like Operation Flashpoint and actually manage to pull off some impossible mission by the skin of your teeth, few games are as rewarding.

So, if you think you can handle it, and feel like taking on a merciless, practically impossible tactical FPS with uncomfortable levels of realism, Armed Assault 2 is going for just £8.98 at Game.co.uk and Gameplay.co.uk. This is a superb price - and the cheapest deal currently going for a truly remarkable FPS title.

Unfortunately however, fans of the classic Operation Flashpoint series will find AA2 (and indeed the first edition) a tad disappointing. In my opinion they are still vastly superior to OFP 2 – which basically dumbed down and repackaged the whole Flashpoint thing for the console market – but they’re still, in many ways, somehow flawed. When it comes to graphics they’re absolutely top notch. The environments are vast, highly detailed and stunning - actually, to be quite honesty, AA is probably one of the best looking games I’ve ever played.

The real let down comes with the sheer number of bugs it contains. Weapons become invisible, checkpoints often fail to instigate the right triggers, and your men often get stuck on the scenery, run each over, shot each other and so on. On top of this, enemy accuracy is unrealistically (and unfairly) high, whilst you’d be lucky to hit a barn door at three feet with your own weapon. Cold War Crisis and Resistance somehow managed to get the balance just right, but by making AA so unfairly and stupidly hard, the developers have actually undermined rather than heightened the sense of realism. This is a real shame, but even so, AA has moments of pure genius which, overall, make this a game which any fan of combat simulations  has to explore.

Arma 2 £8.98 @ Game.co.uk and Gameplay.co.uk [PC Game]

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