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From Armored Core V Info To Kinect Swimming Simulation - News Roundup 3rd February 2011

Jonathan Lester
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Armoured Core V Announcement Details Bring The Rain

From Software make exceedingly good Mech games- and the months since Armored Core: For Answer hit the shelves have dragged on interminably for mech fanatics. Thankfully, a slew of Armored Core V details have now hit the internet like a barrage of shoulder-mounted missiles.

First things first: watch the announcement trailer. Then watch it again. After you've successfully cleaned up the resultant mess, we can all agree on the fact that it's an action-packed spectacle that would make Michael Bay proud.

Now onto the juicy details. Armored Core V will feature "always online" affiliation that logs every player kill, achievement and mission towards their allied faction (that they'll choose at the beginning of the game). In effect, this will function much like a mix between Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit's Autolog system and the sadly-defunct Chromehounds. Seizing online territories will allow factions to customise not only their mechs, but also the defences, missions and gauntlets that opposing forces will need to overcome in order to win it back. This deep level of immersion and battles over limited virtual real estate should help to guarantee ACV a strong and persistent player base.

In terms of action, Armored Core V will offer the same fast and hectic firefights that we'd expect from the series, though the robots have been scaled down in order to make the virtual battlegrounds seem much bigger and more imposing. Hopefully this will also allow for more detailed multi-level stage design. [Thanks, IGN]

Armored Core V is slated for a winter 2011 release in Japan, meaning that us Europeans will realistically need to wait until 2012. Naturally, we'll keep you updated by the wire.

Michael Phelps: Push The Limit Promises Realistic Kinect Swimming

Kinect certainly isn't short of a few sports minigame collections, but it appears that the genre may now be starting to diversify. Though not in the direction you might imagine. 505 games have announced Michael Phelps: Push The Limit; a swimming simulator that promises to deliver the most authentic motion control experience to date.

Phelps, the American swimming champion, has been motion-captured and filmed for archive footage using one of the most powerful setups to date, which will reportedly help to translate player movements into realistic strokes and kicks. It's aiming for a June 2011 release.

Since we won't be able to play lying down, I'm personally looking forward to the emergence of Kinect videos that are more embarassing than my own. It's about time. [The Independent]

Do you need a swimming game in your life? Is this really a good idea? Drop us a line in the comments!

New Dark Souls Trailer

We recently reported that Namco Bandai's Dark Soul is not a sequel to Demon's Souls, instead opting to create its own distinct dark fantasy universe. However, the gameplay displayed in this morning's announcement trailer does little to distance the two IPs.

Basically, since SCEJ owns the rights (and contributed) to the Demon's Souls franchise, the multiplatform Dark Souls is set to be a sequel in anything but the name. Let us know what you make of the trailer! [Thanks for the VT, Eurogamer]

Castle Crashers Charity DLC Hits PSN Next Week

From Armored Core V Info To Kinect Swimming Simulation - News Roundup 3rd February 2011

We love it when videogames and charity get together to raise money for a good cause, and once again, The Behemoth are up to their old tricks. They've just announced that the Castle Crashers Pink Knight DLC pack is dated for February 8th on PSN and subsequently on XBLA, with all profits being donated to Breast Cancer Research.

The Pink Knight pack will cost a couple of quid and comes complete with the cute new character and a selection of new weapons. Including a lollipop, of all things. [The Behemoth]

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