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ASDA Knocks £50 Off Wii U

Jonathan Lester
Nintendo, UK retail, Wii U

ASDA Knocks £50 Off Wii U

ASDA have slashed the Wii U's asking price by fifty quid, offering the basic edition for £199 instead of £249, and the Premium pack for... well... £249. It's still nowhere near as competitive as Zavvi's fleeting £224 deal, but it's potentially an interesting statement of intent.

British retailers have recently started clamouring for Nintendo to change their strategy and reduce the Wii U's asking price after an awkward few months - and perhaps this is just the start of a price war. Though a price cut may be an admission of failure (and difficult to implement for a number of reasons), is this extra £50 saving enough to tempt you into buying Ninty's new console?

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Anarchist  Mar. 4, 2013 at 21:49

Afraid not. Even after the price cut, I would say it is still at least £50 away from remotely interesting.

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