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Ashes Cricket 2009 £11.99 @ Coolshop [Wii Games]

Marius Goubert
Ashes Cricket, Sports Games, Wii games

Ashes Cricket 2009 £11.99 @ Coolshop [Wii Games]Until 2005, cricket, along with sports like golf and snooker, had always mystified me. I just couldn’t fathom who people could sit there hour after hour, day after day, completely glued to a sport which had to be one of the most tedious ever invented. But then, after watching just a few overs during that dramatic summer’s Ashes series - learning who Shane Warne was etc – I too, to my horror, became completely obsessed by it.

From that moment on it all became so clear. I knew exactly how I was going to occupy myself during those long summer days for years to come - and even made ‘to watch more cricket’ one of my new year’s resolution. However, all my hopes came to an end when the game family and friends had tortured me with for so many years, suddenly disappeared from terrestrial TV.

Therefore all responsibility for my ignorance regarding cricket - bound to shine through during this brief summery of Ashes 2009 on the Nintendo Wii currently going for just £11.99 from Coolshop – I pass onto Sky. (Next cheapest price comes in at almost £15.)

However, having deferred to gamers who actually know what their talking about, Ashes 2009 has received extremely mixed reviews. Whilst most acknowledge the game’s decent batting feel – surprising given that it doesn’t utilize Motion Plus technology – its fun bowling mode, 10 stadiums, full Ashes campaign mode, Test Match mode, and multiplayer mode, the game has attracted criticism in some areas.

Top of the list of complaints has to be the in game graphics which are poor even for the Wii, and the fielding. Fielders are notorious for dropping easy balls – but one reviewer stated this ‘wasn’t as bad’ as he thought it would be. A few people also complained that the game wasn’t quite a challenging as they would like which, overall, means Ashes 2009 has a lot of room for  improvement (not to add the inclusion of Motion Plus!). Good game but could be better…Ashes Cricket 2009 £11.99 @ Coolshop [Wii Games]

Thanks to Amibees from Hokukdeals.

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