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Assassins Creed 2 £22.85 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360/PS3 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Assassins Creed 2 £22.85 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360/PS3 Games]Although it was a great title, you couldn’t help but notice how the gameplay seemed to lag far behind the overall visual quality in the original Assassins Creed. While the 12th century interpretations of Jerusalem, Damascus and Acre were stunning - and provided a vibrant and realistic environment to go free running – missions were disappointingly repetitive. However if you’ve yet to get your hands on the sequel, Assassins Creed II provides a dynamic and satisfying gameplay experience which actually lives up to its outstanding presentation. Overall, it makes the first Assassins Creed look like a mere draft to which the sequel has made all the necessary corrections.

So if you were a fan of the first edition, you can now pick up a copy of Assassins Creed 2 for £22.85 from Shopto (on PS3 or Xbox 360). At the moment there are currently no huge price differences to be found on this one, but Shopto have the cheapest deal around by about £1.10.

The story of Assassins Creed II picks up exactly where its predecessors left off. It sees modern-day-bartender-Desmond in the middle of a war between the Templers and Assassins who are both seeking to uncover information hidden away in his genetic memories. This time around, Desmond relives the exploits of his ancestor Ezio Audituerre de Firenze: an assassin who lived in 15th century renaissance Italy. Convoluted story aside however, and Assassins Creed 2 basically plays up the good bits of the original while adding some much needed depth to the gameplay.

Stealth and escape tactics are more varied. You can hire thieves and mercenaries to distract your opponents. You can lose pursers by blending into the crowded streets, or throw handfuls of coins at peasants and beggars to instigate a brawl, or dive under water. There are many more weapons which include the likes of smoke bombs, and the combat system has a bit more depth than the original. You can even throw sand in your opponents face if the fancy takes you. Missions are also more diverse and satisfying, and overall, Assassins Creed II offers an open-world adventure which is consistently entertaining. Overall, this is the game which the original should have been.

Thanks to ScRIVs from Hotukdeals.

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