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Assassin's Creed £8.99 @ Play.com [XBOX 360 Games]

Marius Goubert
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Assassin's Creed £8.99 @ Play.com [XBOX 360 Games]The cheapest place to get hold of a brand new copy of Assassin's Creed is currently on Play.com where they are going for £8.99. Given that Assassin's Creed is not only a game in which virtual homicide has never been so much fun, it’s also one of best looking around, making this a very worthwhile addition to your XBOX 360 collection.

However before I start singing its praises be warned, the game does have drawbacks. The missions are extremely repetitive and always consist of the same handful of boring tasks over and over again. You’ll either have to sit on a bench eavesdropping, go and pick pocket someone or else beat some information out of them. Going through the same series of tedious pre-assassination build ups before finally getting to the good stuff requires a certain amount of tolerance.

The story is also dire. Don’t worry about me spoiling things for you because the whole thing is given away in about the first five seconds of the first cut scene. It’s like watching the Matrix backwards. Why the developers felt the need for this narrative layering – where you’re not really a 12th century assassin but a bartender called Desmond – made no sense to me. But to do it justice, the game makes up for these misdemeanours with one of the most atmospheric and visually exciting game worlds I have ever seen.

It is set during the third crusade when Richard the Lion Heart and his army of penitent crusaders (the medieval equivalent of football hooligans) were having it large and beating up Arabs throughout the Holy Land. It consists of three cities: Jerusalem, Damascus and Acre, all of which have been recreated so vividly, and with such a sense of authenticity, they probably aren’t far off what these cities actually looked like at the time. The streets are constantly alive with banter and inhabited with everything from beggars, merchants and men-at-arms, to scholars and lepers.

The fighting is also great fun and very satisfying. Your medieval arsenal is diverse. You have a hidden blade which slides down from some contraption beneath the wrist like something out of Taxi Driver. You have throwing knives for taking down enemies at a distance, and both a long and short sword. Combat is a little tricky to begin with, but after you master the counter attack technique you’re basically invincible. The game is principally about stealth, but you can literally defeat whole armies in an orgy of blood shed if the fancy takes you. You can even turn on the civilians and butcher entire neighbourhoods which is superb… come on you know you’d be tempted!

Thanks to ggmurray from hotukdeals

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natasha  Aug. 10, 2009 at 16:17

I like the idea of crusaders being football hooligans. Don't know what saladin would have thought of that!


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