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Assassin's Creed - Directors Cut Edition £9.89 @ Sendit [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
Action Games, Assassin's Creed, PC games

Assassin's Creed - Directors Cut Edition £9.89 @ Sendit [PC Games]By now, everyone is well aware regarding the pros and cons of Assassins Creed. It was a game which provided fantastic landscapes, intricately detailed environments, and was without doubt one of the best looking titles of recent times. However, for all of its strengths, Assassins Creed was horribly let down by repetitive gameplay which, after so much initial excitement, really was quite tragic.

But now, exclusively for PC, the Director’s Cut edition of Assassins Creed attempts to alleviate some of the problems which undermined the game so badly upon its first release. You can currently get hold of a copy for just £9.98 from Sendit.com.

The main problem with Assassins Creed came with those boring pre-assassination build ups. Of course, it stands to reason that when tasked with bumping off some prominent public figure it’s probably a good idea to follow the target, perhaps eavesdrop on their conversation or maybe even beat some useful information out of one of their associates. However, the problem is that it just isn’t satisfying, in fact, it's dead boring – especially when you release it’s going to be the same thing throughout the entire game.

Therefore the Director’s Cut edition of Assassins Creed attempts to add in some much needed variety. However, do bear in mind, this new edition does not innovate the AC format in any fundamental way it simply tries to take the edge off the boredom. What you get are some extra new tasks – which are apparently quite fun – like Merchant Destruction Challenge, where you get to fight multiple enemies and chuck them into stalls, and Archer Stealth Challenge, where you have to take out a number of rooftop archers unseen.Assassin's Creed - Directors Cut Edition £9.89 @ Sendit [PC Games]

It's not like veteran players are going to find a great deal to draw them back into Assassins Creed and want to play it all again – especially as number 2 is out soon – but anyone looking to play it for the first time should well consider going for the DC edition.

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