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From Assassins Creed To Final Fantasy: News Roundup 5th August

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Japanese rape game RapeLay sees more controversy in today’s news roundup. Also, Assassins creed 2 sees a limited edition box coming its way, the rumoured Apple Tablet may be a game focused machine, and more Final Fantasy XIV details come to light.

Assassin’s Creed 2 Limited Edition Box Announced

From Assassins Creed To Final Fantasy: News Roundup 5th August

Any big name game released nowadays of course comes with its own Limited edition box, usually coming in some form or metal or steel if it’s special enough. Assassin’s Creed 2 has of course followed suit, as the game's Twitter account showed off the Limited edition box, which is currently only available through GameStop, in the US and Canada.

Aside from the game itself, your extra money goes towards a statue of Ezio, an art book, and two exclusive in game maps. Although take note these additional areas are for exploration rather than extra missions. The UK should be receiving a similar edition, although as the previously mentioned version is only exclusive to US and Canada it probably won’t be as substantial.  [1UP]

Japanese Distributor Attempts To Sell Rape Games Under Different Name

From Assassins Creed To Final Fantasy: News Roundup 5th August

RapeLay is a controversial Japanese game with rape being the aim of the game. Massive controversy ensued once America heard of the Japanese exclusive game, which surprisingly even sees the light of day there. BGameBox, a Japanese distributor has believed they’ve found a way around from facing backlash.

Instead of putting rape games in a category that actually lets the consumers know what sort of games are sold based on the categories name, they now sell them under the “Platinum” title, sounding a lot nicer and friendlier along the way. It remains likely these “rape games” will eventually cease to sell among respected distributers, forcing the game underground, or a name change at the least.  [Destructzoid]

New Apple Tablet Rumoured To Embrace Gaming

From Assassins Creed To Final Fantasy: News Roundup 5th August

Apple has been rumoured to be working on a game-focused machine for a while now, and after the success of merging the iPhone with gaming, who can blame them? Recent leaks hint towards Apple working on a touch-screen tablet computer, embracing the fine art of gaming. A group of analysts have privately been shown Apples latest project, and as expected gone public with the details.

Several sources have indicated the tablet will be showing off a 10-inch, multi-touch screen, a full-on OS X operating system, and a price around $800. Some sources also imply this new product will be sold as an all-in-one media hub. A pre-Christmas release is to be expected, and as long as these sources tell no lies, an official announcement should be on its way.  [Develop]

Final Fantasy XIV Details Revealed

From Assassins Creed To Final Fantasy: News Roundup 5th August

Final Fantasy XIV is the first MMO Final Fantasy since XI, with details pretty scarce at the moment, although a few new races and jobs have come to light. The new races include Hyuran, Lalafell, Elzen, Miqo’te and Roegadyn, which are all based on existing races in Final Fantasy XI. In regards to Jobs, four have been revealed so far, with two sub-classes for each, including; Fighter (swordsman, archer), Sorcerer (enchanter, warlock), Crafter (blacksmith, cook) and Gatherer (gardener, fishermen). Final Fantasy XI will hopefully see release in 2010 for the PS3 and PC.  [Kotaku]

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