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Atari Games 65% Off At GOG.com

Jonathan Lester
Atari, GOG, PC games
Atari Games 65% Off At GOG.com

All eyes may be on Steam, but GOG.com are running a retro sale of their own by putting a slew of excellent Atari-published games on sale. It mirrors similar deals held last year and back in March, which lets me copy/paste the banner URL. And that last sentence. Convenient, no?

Highlights include Masters Of Orion 1&2, I-War, I-War 2, Alone In The Dark 1-3, Total Annihilation and Blood 2 for a paltry $2.09 (£1.38) each, while Krush Kill & Destroy has enterted the fray. Check out the full list of deals here.

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X10  Jul. 12, 2013 at 14:34

I still have my original Alone in the Dark 1,2 and 3 discs and big boxes. Don't think I completed 2, got as far as being stuck in a galleon in a giant cave.


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