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Atari Sells Total Annihilation & Master Of Orion To Wargaming

Jonathan Lester
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Atari Sells Total Annihilation & Master Of Orion To Wargaming

Battlezone & Star Control Also Sold On

Atari US are busy flogging their portfolio of gaming franchises as part of looming bankruptcy proceedings, and the first few IPs have officially changed hands including Battlezone and Star Control. Interestingly, the company behind World Of Tanks has forked out for two classic strategy series.

Rollercoaster Tycoon and Test Drive are Atari's heavy hitters (weighing in at an expected $3.5 million and $1.5 million price tag), but haven't yet been snapped up. Here's the list of confirmed sales thus far:

  • Backyard Sports franchise - Epic Gear LLC
  • Battlezone franchise - Rebellion Interactive Games Limited
  • Humongous franchise / Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise / Math Gran Prix - Tommo
  • Master Of Orion franchise - Wargaming World Limited
  • Moonbase Commander franchise - Rebellion Interactive Games Limited
  • Star Control franchise - Stardock Systems Inc
  • Total Annihilation franchise - Wargaming World Limited

I daresay that Rebellion's Battlezone acquisition will raise a few interested eyebrows, but by far the biggest news is that Wargaming are now the proud owners of Master Of Orion and Total Annihilation. The rapidly-expanding company has seen huge success from World Of Tanks, and plans to expand its free to play empire to consoles (as well as the skies with World Of Warplanes). Having previously purchased Chris Taylor's Gas Powered Games and FEAR 3 developer Day One Studios, it's clear that Wargaming intends to diversify very soon. Watch this space.

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phil16  Jul. 23, 2013 at 17:28

Was just craving a master of orion 2 play through the other day. Don't mess it up wargaming - no moo3 and no free to play (I love wot but it's completely different style of game).

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