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From ATI Providing GPU For Next Generation Xbox To Naughty Dog's Bungie Gratitude: News Roundup 15th October

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Today’s news roundup sees Microsoft strike a deal with ATI to provide the GPU for the next generation Xbox, Rare admit they have no idea why Donkey Kong 64 still hasn’t made an appearance on the Virtual console, and Naughty Dog explain why they believe thanks to be in order for rival developer Bungie.

ATI Providing GPU for Next Xbox

From ATI Providing GPU For Next Generation Xbox To Naughty Dog's Bungie Gratitude: News Roundup 15th October

ATI cards have played an important part in the console war, most recently helping to power the Wii and Xbox 360.  Microsoft appears to be happy with this arrangement, as they wish for ATI to continue providing the GPU for the next generation.  Continuing to use the Xenos GPU in the next generation can maintain capability with older games, an important consideration with any new console.

Speculation suggested the next generation was to start as early as next year.  Although with the recession in full force both Sony and Microsoft have been forced to delay their plans until 2012, making the 360 seven years old, and the PS3 a slightly younger six by the time the newbie’s arrive.  Both companies are of course tight lipped about any future plans, but if the 2012 prediction is accurate, then more similar rumours will likely surface within the next year.  [Fudzilla]

Rare Have “No Idea” Why Donkey 64 Hasn’t Appeared On Virtual Console

From ATI Providing GPU For Next Generation Xbox To Naughty Dog's Bungie Gratitude: News Roundup 15th October

Since nearly all of Donkey Kong’s console games have seen release on the Virtual Console, many fans have been asking when Donkey Kong 64 will make an appearance.  It’s been nearly three year’s into the Wii’s lifespan with no sign on DK64 showing up anytime soon.  Rare recently shared some of their thoughts on the matter in the latest Rare Scribes mailbag.

I have no idea why DK64 hasn't shown up yet, and whether Jetpac would still be in there or they'd replace it with Mario's Cement Factory (which ate about three years of my life as a child) or something. Or maybe a single-screen 2D shooty version of Jet Race would be more appropriate. Who knows? Not us, obviously, or we wouldn't be sitting here pitching clueless alternatives.”  Hardly the most informative announcement then.  Perhaps the fact that Rare belong to Microsoft is preventing anyone from getting the game much in the same way no-one gets to play GoldenEye.  Although with Donkey Kong 64 not being nearly as poplular as 007, it's a lot more likely we'll see it eventually.  [NintendoEverything]

Naughty Dog Thank Bungie among Other Developers

From ATI Providing GPU For Next Generation Xbox To Naughty Dog's Bungie Gratitude: News Roundup 15th October

Upon completing Uncharted 2, the credits roll, and the inevitable thank you list appears.  Among all the thanking taking place are several developers, including Insomniac, Ready at Dawn, Sucker Punch, Infinity Ward, and Microsoft developers Bungie.  Many Xbox 360 and PS3 fanboys found it pretty tough to comprehend exactly why Bungie was thanked in a PS3 exclusive, so Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckman decided to explain the reason.

We try to be quite open with our technology and our process," Druckman explained in a live chat. "We exchanged technology and ideas with other developers. We wanted to make sure we thanked everyone that helped us out in some way."  Hopefully stories like this can show not all rivalries have to be expressed through eye-gouging and name calling, and can even be mutually beneficial.  [1UP]

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Gunn  Oct. 15, 2009 at 17:14

That was decent of Naughty Dog, let's hope its reciprocated.

Digit  Oct. 15, 2009 at 20:32

Bungie admire Naughty Dog too.

They were playing Uncharted at E3: http://www.gameheadzonline.com/Games/Playstation3/Playstation3/BungiePlaysUncharted/tabid/323/Default.aspx

Bullet  Oct. 15, 2009 at 20:45

No way even if there wasnt a recession would you have seen the next gen of consoles next year, The current ones are just starting to get the best out of developers with getting to grips with the console and utilizing there full potential.

I would have never had bought a newer game console when mine is only 3 year old since purchase.


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