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Australian Classification Board Outs Several Titles

Felix Kemp
Crimson Alliance, Fusion: Genesis, Games news, Kinect Me

Australian Classification Board Outs Several Titles

It's difficult for publishers to keep a lid on upcoming titles these days, what with the likes of Superannuation and seemingly innocuous ratings boards outing tiles left, right and center. And it appears a few key Microsoft projects have been prematurely unveiled, with the Australian Classification Board - who often do this sort of thing - revealing no less than three new titles.

First off, we finally have a name for Certain Affinity's mysterious project. Founded by former Bungie devs, their upcoming title is seemingly called Crimson Alliance. Odd; we seem to remember a certain studio trademarking a similar title recently. Having handled a few contract jobs, such as the Halo Reach Defiant Map Pack, Certain Affinity have been in a hiring frenzy for an upcoming project to be published by Microsoft. Might we see Crimson Alliance at Microsoft's E3 conference?

Next up, Fusion: Genesis. We have now developer or details to accompany the reveal, but apparently Microsoft has been busy securing trademarks for not only Fusion: Genesis; but Fusion: Vault and Fusion: Sentient, suggesting a three-pronged assault in keeping with Microsoft's stated ambition of launching content across the Xbox 360, Windows Mobile and PC.

And finally, we have Kinect Me, which I have a feeling might incorporate the recently announced Avatar Kinect, a new feature that projects your face and expressions onto the screen via Kinect's advanced sensors and algorithms. Also spotted was Kinect Fun Labs, which sounds like a mini-game collection of sorts. Again, no details or developers announced, but it all sounds pretty legit to me. [GameSetWatch]

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