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Avalanche Studios: "PS4 Will Out-Power Most PCs For Years To Come"

Jonathan Lester
Avalanche Studios, PC, PS4
PlayStation 4

Avalanche Studios: "PS4 Will Out-Power Most PCs For Years To Come"

The studio behind Just Cause reckons that the PS4 marks a much-needed step forward in console horsepower, suggesting that Sony's next-gen offering will remain much more powerful than the majority of consumer PCs during its life cycle.

“The consoles desperately need a boost since having been overtaken in terms of performance by PCs several years ago, and also losing market share to mobile platforms,” Avalanche Studios' chief technical officer Linus Blomberg told Gamingbolt. “I’m glad Sony decided to go with 8GB RAM because it means that the PS4 will out-power most PCs for years to come.”

Hold your horses, fellow PC gamers. Before you scroll down to the comments, it's worth noting that Blomberg is probably technically correct. Our tasty gaming rigs are definitely the minority in terms of PCs out there, often requiring a massive initial outlay and continual costly upgrades (even if you're a Scan junkie), while the majority of consumers probably won't pack the latest graphics cards and more than 8GB of RAM. Not only that, but the standardised hardware architecture will make PS4 games much easier to optimise compared to the majority of PC games.

Blomberg also believes that Sony could continually update the PS4 down the line, in order to stay abreast of the latest hardware innovations. “The off-the-shelf philosophy behind the architecture makes sense from a pricing and heating point of view, but it also means that Sony more easily can make incremental improvements of their system,” he posited. “If that’s actually their plan I don’t know, but it could help preventing the inevitable loss of market shares that the long console cycles entails.”

The PS4's 'supercharged PC' architecture should certainly make it easy to develop for, and allow studios to leverage its power from the get-go. That said, though, I won't be writing off the PC's uniquely massive range of genres, cheaper RRPs, customisation and raw graphical grunt any time soon.

Let us know what you make of the PS4's specs - and how they measure up to your gaming rig - in the comments.

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Late  Mar. 11, 2013 at 11:50

A PS2 probably outpowers my pc...

DrTrouserPlank  Mar. 11, 2013 at 14:12

It will out-power most if not all PC's clock-for-clock because that is the very nature of what consoles do. They run heavily optimised code on relatively cheap/outdated PC hardware. The result of which being that you get good performance on a machine that is quite cheap to produce.

In terms of out-powering the PC's of people who even have a modest interest in PC gaming, and the hardware to match it, there's not a chance. The next consoles will be chugging at 1080p and putting out mid-quality settings at about 30fps.

You can get that performance in PC's with very economical GFX cards with moderate processor requirements.

The efficiency of consoles is indisputable, but the sheer grunt of PC's means that what they can output is so far ahead that it's out of sight.

I have a couple of 670's, an i5, and 16Gigs of RAM. How many generations of consoles will we need to go through before a console can output the image quality that my hardware can?... the next gen certainly won't, the generation after that won't either, the one after that might. That's more than 10 years away.

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