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Avatar: The Game (James Cameron's) £11.93 @ The Hut [Xbox 360 Game]

Felix Kemp
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Avatar: The Game (James Cameron's) £11.93 @ The Hut [Xbox 360 Game]

If you enjoyed James Cameron's epic tale of nine-foot Smurfs battling for survival against the army guys from Aliens, you might want to check out this deal for Avatar: The Game, available from The Hut for just £11.93!

Unlike the film, Avatar: The Game didn't exactly lay waste to the box-office or delight critics. It averaged a 61 on MetaCritic, and while critics didn't completely hate the game, the general reception seemed to be particularly indifferent. Yet another movie game, yet another disappointment.

A prequel to events from the movie, Avatar: The Game splits its campaign into two different perspectives from the opposing sides. An RDA grunt, or a Na'vi warrior. As you'd expect, choosing one or the other yields different results. The soldier comes equipped with a variety of weapons, from assault-rifles to flamethrowers, whereas the Na'vi is more graceful and athletic. It's an interesting design choice, both from a gameplay and story perspective, as it adds variety to the mix and gives you an unbiased view of the plot.

The selling-point for both Avatar and this game was the advent of 3D technology. I'm not a big fan of 3D, but I appreciated its subtle implementation in the film. Avatar: The Game is equipped for the new line of 3D televisions, and according to most reviewers rich/lucky enough to have experienced it, the 3D effect is quite good, lending a depth to the world of Pandora and giving you a more intimate understanding of your surroundings.

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Tony C  Feb. 3, 2011 at 18:13

Once again the Marine corps getting their BUTTS KICKED by the NAVY Or is Navi


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