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Awesome time-bending FPS SUPERHOT being turned into a full game, hits Kickstarter

Matt Gardner
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Remember SUPERHOT? Here's a little refresher from the post I made about it last year:

There's a game I really need you to play. It'll only take about ten minutes or so, it's completely free and it's an FPS where you can manipulate time. It's called SUPERHOT, and it's freaking brilliant.

Developed as part of the #7DFPS game jam, in which developers make FPS games in the space of seven days, SUPERHOT is a tiny slice of such irresistible innovation that I spent a good half an hour just mucking about in a game that should really only take a handful of minutes.

The little game jam version was an appetite-whetting delight, but I wanted more, and I wasn't the only one. gamers, devs, press, everyone who played SUPERHOT had one thing to say -- will there be a full game version?

The answer is YES! But it needs a little Kickstarter push. Here's what the official blurb had to say...

SUPERHOT has been in development for eight months and will include a story-driven, single-player campaign with a wider range of enemies and weapons, brain-thumping explosions, an Infinite mode for the truly hardcore, and improved visuals that retain SUPERHOT's distinctive style.

SUPERHOT Team is seeking $100,000 (USD) to fund development. A sample of the potential rewards for backers includes beta access, t-shirts, soundtracks and artwork, and the ultra-rare and mysterious SUPERHOT Device. What does it do? Wait and see.

I'll be honest, I've gone and slapped down some money for it. It's one of the most innovative concepts for a shooter that I've ever seen, and given my ridiculous levels of excitement over the 7DFPS version, it would have been terribly hypocritical of me not to. But you don't have to take my word for how awesome the game is, you can still try out the 7DFPS version absolutely free. (Sidebar: Having a freely available proof of concept demo that rocks harder than Iron Maiden playing Aces High on a mountain is a great way of kicking off a Kickstarter pitch.)

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