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Bastion Review | Here's Talking At You, Kid

Jonathan Lester
Action Games, Bastion, Narrator, Supergiant Games, Xbox 360 games
Bastion | Xbox 360

Bastion Review | Here's Talking At You, Kid

Platform: XBLA

Developer: Supergiant Games

Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive

Sitting comfortably? Then listen close, because we're gonna tell you a story about The Kid.

The Kid was out on the walls when the Calamity hit. His city was smashed into floating islands, his friends and family turned to ash and dust. Now all he can do is run to the Bastion - collect crystal cores to make the heart of the city live again - and murder anything stupid enough to face him down.

And, of course, his every move is narrated by some of the finest dynamic dialogue we've ever witnessed.

At its heart, Bastion is an isometric brawler with tight controls and some nifty innovations. Its levels, as mentioned, are a selection of floating islands that actively assemble before your eyes - with tiles rising up out of the swirling clouds or dropping from the heavens as you approach. This novel structure makes for an unpredictable experience, providing plenty of scope for exploration and secrets to uncover. The Kid's hunt for cores is interrupted by hordes of foes including floating hooded gas miners, putrescence-spewing scumbags and powerful ancient security systems to contend with - so it's a good thing that the fresh-faced young lad is, in fact, a stone cold killer.

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