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Bathroom Simulator is a crappy Kickstarter, literally

Jonathan Lester
Bathroom Simulator, Kickstarter, PC games

"Have you ever wanted to pick up your poop and throw it at the wall?"

It's one of those immortal questions, and if you answered yes, Bathroom Simulator will be right up your street.

"Have you ever wondered how funny it would be to pee on the bathroom wall, or purposely miss the toilet" the pitch continues. "Still no, huh....  Well, it's pretty cool."

"Bathroom Simulator, in a nutshell, allows you to act like an idiot who has a very low maturity when it comes to bathroom manners.  Explore the confined spaces of bathrooms coming from all sorts of places. Every bathroom has its own unique objects and things to interact with.  For example, the Subway Bathroom has air dryers, while the Home Bathroom has a shower."

It also purports to have some of the most realistic waste matter to grace a videogame yet, from faeces to urine.

Frankly Bathroon Simulator looks like a load of crap. Go give your money to this instead or keep it in your wallet.

Okay, fine, we'll highlight a few more worthy Kickstarters soon. In the meantime, we cordially invite you to get your pun on.

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