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Batman: Arkham Asylum £12.95 @ Zavvi [Xbox 360 Games]

Felix Kemp
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Batman: Arkham Asylum £12.95 @ Zavvi [Xbox 360 Games]

If, like me, since Inception you've been pining for news of Chris Nolan declaring his role as director of Batman 3: Revenge of the Cobb, a cross-franchise team-up of epic proportions, then why not whet your appetite for a particular Dark Knight by picking up Batman: Arkham Asylum from Zavvi for just £12.95!

Though Tesco is currently offering the cheapest deal for Batman: AA, they seem to have expended their supply, resulting in Zavvi's deal being crowned victorious as the lowest available offer! Released last year, Arkham Asylum was an instant hit, delivering an experience that was half-Splinter Cell, half-Tekken, but still pure Batman. We loved it, and so should you.

Set in the rusted, dank confines of Arkham Asylum, a mental institution for criminally insane super-villians, Batman: AA pits the Dark Knight against his most formidable opponent, The Joker. The Clown Prince of Gotham has pulled off a wonderfully devious coup, and Arkham is now his. Batman must venture into uncharted territory in order to halt The Joker's crazed plans. Along the way, he'll encounter all his old friends whose stay in Arkham firmly rests in Batman's hands.

Superhero games often fail to deliver, especially licensed properties. Arkham Asylum is different. Not only is it a joy to play and behold, with great gameplay, superb visuals and a wonderful cast of characters, but it understands what makes Batman Batman. The Dark Knight is part-spy, part-brawler, as capable slinking across rooftops as he is engaging five burly madmen with his bare hands. Batman has at his disposal a variety of gadgets, including an eyepiece that allows him to glimpse enemies and objects through walls. He can grapple-hook to lofty perches, such as Arkham's most prolific piece of decor, the inexplicable interior gargoyle, perch there until an enemy arrives underneath, swoop down and ensnare him in a devious tangle of ropes and humiliation. It's brilliant fun.

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Dan  Aug. 3, 2010 at 16:16

Unless there's a £5 voucher code that you've neglected to mention, this is £17.95 at Zavvi.


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