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Batman: Arkham Asylum £16.99 @ HMV [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Batman: Arkham Asylum £16.99 @ HMV [XBox 360 Games]

A videogame based on a superhero comic book franchise winning a Bafta was surely an epic triumph for geekdom. It was a well deserved win though, as Batman: Arkham Asylum is a truly fantastic game and one that pretty much everyone should have in their collection. The Game of the Year edition was released not too long ago and so it is now possible to pick up the original game for a very reasonable amount if you are not bothered about the DLC.

HMV's heroic price of £16.99 trumps the next best (£19.99 from Cool Shop) by £3 and you'd be hard pressed to find even used copies for much cheaper.

I don't think anyone was quite expecting Arkham Asylum to be as great as it was, especially considering how poor most superhero titles tend to be so we were all pleased as pineapple punch when it turned out to be one of the best games of last year.

The game takes us into the dark and gritty microcosm of Arkham Asylum, home to the deranged psychopaths who once terrorised the streets of Gotham City. When Batman is lured in by the Joker, who turns the tables so that, you guessed it, the lunatics are running the asylum, it is he alone who can bring (relative) order back to the city again.

Part of what makes this game so excellent is its fantastic and brutal combat which is easy to pick up but a real challenge to master. This is complemented by some very arresting graphics and a great stealth system that works perfectly. However one could argue that it is the small, intricate details of Arkham Asylum that make the game. All in all this is high quality and massively entertaining gameplay at its best.

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EndlessWaves  Mar. 31, 2010 at 01:47

It's a shame the stupid riddles killed a lot of the fun.


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