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Batman Arkham Asylum £24.99 @ Gamestation [PS3 or XBox 360 Game]

Lydia Low
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Batman Arkham Asylum £24.99 @ Gamestation [PS3 or XBox 360 Game]

Just over a week ago Game were offering the excellent Batman Arkham Asylum for just £22.99. Sadly they have now hoiked the price back up and completely run out of stock. However Gamestation are now offering the title for both the X-Box 360  and the Playstation 3 at just 24.99. The next best price I have found for either title is £29.99 at HMV. Amazon are also selling the PS3 version only for this price. Although this is a couple of pounds more than the great Game price, Gamestation are sweetening the deal by sending an exclusive free comic book with orders of the game.

When The Joker pulls off a plan to take over Arkham Asylum and free its inmates, it is, of course, up to Batman to put things right as he is lured into the thick of the calamity.

Batman Arkham Asylum £24.99 @ Gamestation [PS3 or XBox 360 Game]If you are a fan of Batman then you will love this game; it's rich in detail and provides confrontations with many of the key villains from the comic's history. And if you are not a fan of Batman then, well, you will love this game; it's slick, beautifully presented and a complete blast to play. Some have complained that it is a tad on the easy side and so quick to finish but there are plenty of side threads to unravel, meaning that there is plenty here to keep completionists occupied.

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Emma Kelly  Oct. 30, 2009 at 12:37

Just a point to note - our price comparison shows both titles at £22.99 at Gamestation, but they are out of stock. Only the £24.99 versions are available.

Jassen  Oct. 30, 2009 at 13:56

One of the best games you'll play this year, and totally worth the price! Recently got the GAME deal last week, and playing it through for a second time, before working on the challenges. Also of note is that the game has DLC on both 360 and PS3, so it'll keep you busy for a while :)


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