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Batman: Arkham Asylum £8.75 @ Microsoft Games for Windows [PC Games]

Neil Mohr
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Batman: Arkham Asylum £8.75 @ Microsoft Games for Windows [PC Games]

Holy special offer Batman! If you can get past that this deal is via the Microsoft Games for Windows system then you’ll bag yourself a bargain! With a whopping 75% off the full price this makes Batman: Arkham Asylum a mere £8.75, which from our scan of the internet makes it a good £3 less than next closest Game and Gameplay at £11.99, though they will ship you a physical copy.

You’re playing with fire when you try and create anything around a character as beloved as Batman. So it’s lucky that the developers Rocksteady Studios did something of a good job with Batman: Arkham Asylum. It probably helps that the script was created by award-winning Batman writer Paul Dini, so as gamers for a change we don’t have to sit through dialogue that that seems like it’s the rejected lines from this year’s school play.

Setting it in Arkham Asylum was another clever move, as it instantly locks down the location and handily provides a wide selection of classic Batman villains to draw from. The game itself goes with Batman’s strength and introduces a rewarding and clever hand-to-hand combat system with a third-person viewpoint. Rather than just button mashing or repeating complex sequences, it emphasises timing to pull-off blocks and attacks, all done with a cinematic flare and rhythm that makes the combat doubly rewarding.

But the game is more than just about the combat, that's more the glue that keeps the other segments seamlessly joined. This is a true action-adventure as you get to draw on stealth elements, explore the asylum's different areas, along with puzzle solving elements, while the story is driven beautifully along with each appearance of the Joker and The Riddler. There’s something for everyone and especially so for Batman fans, as this truly brings alive the Dark Knight.

Thanks to vulcanproject at Hotukdeals!

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EndlessWaves  Feb. 27, 2010 at 15:15

I doubt many people have used Games for Windows On Demand so an overview of the service and any restrictions it has over a 'normal' version of the game would have been nice rather than a spiel about the game.


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