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Batman: Arkham Asylum £9.99 @ Game [Xbox 360 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Batman: Arkham Asylum £9.99 @ Game [Xbox 360 Games]

Here's a deal from Game that should snap your attention away from whatever you're doing, Arkham Asylum on the 360 for £9.99! £9.99! Yes, it certainly does warrant saying twice because, wow, what a great price for an awesome game! It's also a saving of just over £2.50 on the next best offer of £12.75 coming in from Tesco Entertainment.

I don't think you'll find a comic book game that's more faithful to its source material, both in terms of the content and the shady gothic environments. Besides the main game, there's a whole wealth of riddler challenges to complete, which take on various forms and finishing them all should keep you going for a while. Everything in the game looks great and it's hard not to get distracted by the way The Dark Knight's cape flows behind him as he's moving through the game.

When you're playing, you become Batman, you'll stalk enemies from the shadows waiting for the opportunity to pick them off one by one, quickly knock out gang members with some brutal hand to hand combat, or solve puzzles to live up to the title of The World's Greatest Detective. This wouldn't be a Batman game if you didn't have a significant number of gadgets at your disposal and all the favourites are here including various types of Batarang, grappling hooks, the Batclaw, and a nifty little device for overloading shielded doors otherwise known as the cryptographic sequencer.

It's a little bit disappointing that you can't make a quick visit to Gotham City, or use the Batmobile and Batwing, but these are only minor blemishes to an otherwise superb game.

For this price I shouldn't have to say anything to get you swooping down to Game to pick up a copy, but all I will say is if you do you're in for an absolute treat!

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StauntonLick  Jun. 22, 2010 at 20:06

Do gamestation price match with Game? I've got credit there and would rather use that up first...


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