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Batman: Arkham Asylum Collectors Edition £22.99 @ Game [PC Gaming]

Jonathan Lester
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Batman: Arkham Asylum Collectors Edition £22.99 @ Game [PC Gaming]

We've featured a few Batman: Arkham Asylum deals over the last few months, but we've finally got a handle on a great price for the Collectors Edition. You know, the one with the full-size batarang. Game are stocking the PC version for £22.99, which is a saving of £17 compared to Play.com. Console gamers will still have to pay a lot more, mind.

Batman: Arkham Asylum has been nominated for the coveted BAFTA Best Game of 2009 award, and its plain to see why. Its masterful blend of stealth, bone-crunching melee combat and advanced gadgetry delighted gamers and critics alike; but its main selling point is that it makes you feel like Batman while you're playing it.

The Collector's Edition goes one step further by providing some of the coolest videogame extras we've ever seen. £22.99 will buy you a 'making of' DVD, exclusive DLC code, a journal detailing the Arkham inmates (which would have been worth the price of admission by itself) and the crowning glory: a 14-inch batarang mounted on a display stand. This impressive piece of memorabilia genuinely looks the business, and no self-respecting fan of the caped crusader should be without one.

Now you can feel like Batman in real life just by glancing over at your Batarang; without having to wear your y-fronts over a pair of tights. Unless, of course, you're into that sort of thing.

Thanks to Arstar at Hot UK Deals

Errata: We apologise for stating that the journal was leather-bound. The PAL version is unfortunately not.

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Name (required)  Feb. 13, 2010 at 20:39

"This impressive piece of memorabilia genuinely looks the business, and no self-respecting fan of the caped crusader should be without one."
Is that your own opinion or just part of the marketing spiel that came with the game?
I only wonder because other reviews online point out that it's a nasty, flimsy piece of plastic tat and most seem to wish they'd saved their money and just bought the standard edition instead...
Checkout the customer reviews at play.com, even the book's not as you describe it - "the book supplied is simply just a oversized instruction manual with no leather facing"
So, that's a cheap (and yet not-so-cheap-when-you-realise-you-paid-extra-for-it) plastic, glued-to-it's-stand, not-even-worth-buying-from-a-poundshop 'batarang' and an oversized instruction manual for five quid more than currently going for at zavvi.com?

Good article, impeccably researched, pats on the back all round guys, another job well done!
No, hang on, what am I saying? You've taken someone else's find on hotukdeals, written 3 sentences as a preamble, used a load of marketing bumpf already written to bulk up the article and then added 1 sentence at the end. Still, at least there are no spelling mistakes. Busy day today was it? Must have been rushed off you feet, can't even have had the time to pick that fluff out of your belly button like you were planning on doing in between watching the sport and maybe having a drink. Money for old rope this web-authoring lark, innit?
Well done on helping everyone find the best deals for games, keep up the good work, I don't know how we'd all manage without you.

Jonathan Lester  Feb. 13, 2010 at 22:16

You're welcome!

Name (required)  Feb. 14, 2010 at 03:07

Legendary post!

theillegitimatesonofgun  Feb. 14, 2010 at 11:13

Yeah, bravo Dealspwn - posting videogame related deals at least half a week after they've appeared on HotUKdeals! Why not get off your fat, hairy arseholes and find your own deals for once.

As for your article on this bag o'shite collector's edition, how much were you being paid to spout this drivel?

theillegitimatesonofgun  Feb. 14, 2010 at 11:17

Also, I do like your this blurb:

"Dealspwn is a UK website for video game lovers. Our team of gamer junkies will scour the intertubes on a daily basis, hunting high and low for screaming hot deals on PC and console gaming. Read more in the about us section!"

Hunting high and low eh? No, you'll just rip them straight off of posters who do all the hard work for you on a different website. Fraudsters!

Name (required)  Feb. 14, 2010 at 19:01

I'd just like to point out that this comment above is not from me, the first commenter, but another person on the internet who obviously thinks the same and also can't be bothered to put a name or valid email address in the comments fields. Seem to be a few of us out there, thanks for also speaking up!

Honestly, this site has such potential, we could really do with a decent UK-based games site that isn't covered with ads and is just nice and simple - a list of the best games deals out there and that's it. That IS the point of this site, isn't it?
Y'know reporting on the best games deals? You say yourself "We will pwn the games deals!" When are you going to start doing that then?

Don't bother with the poor attempts at witty captions (they really aren't funny - you'd be better off with just a picture of the game's cover and not embarrassing yourselves), no stupid filler articles interviewing people in the industry (i.e. giving them free advertising to hype up their latest moneyspinner), just find us the best games deals around and maybe report on some that are complete rip-offs, either because they're horribly overpriced or, in this case, overpriced for the junk that's included - Well thank you if you tell us that - STOP lazily copying stuff off sister sites like HUKD, which we've most likely already seen (as remember, it's most likely one of us who put it THERE in the first place), mixed with pre-written bumpf provided by the games marketing team and then not even bothering to check any further - that's just shoddy and amateurish and leads to people (i.e. the small amount of readers you might have picked up from hukd) not trusting a word you say.

Don't get me wrong, I'll still be coming back to check now and then, but if I want to find a game for the cheapest I can, I'll be going to hotukdeals and find-games.co.uk first. Then coming here to see if you've even noticed any of the deals I found at those sites.

And before you say why bother with find-games when you have your gamebase price checker, it kinda helps if it's accurate. Which yours isn't. Quickly checked prices for Bayonetta and Batman on 360 and both wrong. In case it's just 360 games you can't be arsed checking, also checked L4D on PC and that was completely wrong too - cheapest link to be to a dvd of Earth Vs. the flying saucers, second lowest said £6.24 on steam. Actually £24.99. A search for Cooking Mama 3 on DS took me to a blank page on lowest price you reckoned and a price 5 pounds more than your reckoned for the second result...Those were just the first few I clicked at random, I didn't bother checking any more, I figured it was more research than you'd done and I'm not getting paid for this.
Well done, looks like your price comparison section is as reliable as the rest of you.

And before you sarcastically respond "You're welcome!" again, it's not meant as compliment - I don't honestly think you're so stupid that you actually thought that, but you're obviously stupid enough to reply like that when you're supposed to have been ashamed of your laziness, so I'd better spell it out for you.

Buck your ideas up, start writing proper articles that have actually been researched rather than just handed to you by a marketing dept and maybe take on board some of the constructive criticism people are giving you instead of showing what a dick you are by being flippant. This is not games journalism, this is just an amateur blog run from someone's bedroom. At least, that's the impression you're currently giving - if there's actually big money spent on keeping this site running and paying wages then I'd suggest you start looking for backup options for when this place goes under. I hear Macdonalds is normally a pretty good employer for the unmotivated and uneducated?

Sorry, that may have been unnecessary but hopefully you get my point - keep up the amateurish "Will that do?" attitude and this site will fail - whoever's paying the bills will just get fed up carrying you and pull the plug. Which would be a shame as (like I pointed out above) it has potential - you have a willing audience, just stop fscking around and give us something worthwhile to read before we all go elsewhere.

Troll Hunter  Feb. 14, 2010 at 22:33

Oh, I salute you sirs, and in recognition of your services to trolldom I award you a one way ticket on teh fail bus!!!1

Seriously though, I actually like the captions and the articles. HUKD deals is a bit of a mess sometimes and I like this blog's style. But you do really need to sort out Gamebase!!


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