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Batman: Arkham City | £19.95 | The Game Collection | PS3

Matt Gardner
Action Games, Batman: Arkham City, PS3 games, Rocksteady

Batman: Arkham City | £19.95 | The Game Collection | PS3

Batman: Arkham City is an absolutely cracking game. If you liked the first title, be prepared for Rocksteady to just ramp everything up and bust Bats' adventuring wide open. A grand, sprawling epic, The Game Collection have just dropped the PS3 version down to under £20, saving you a quid or two on the nearest competition.

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hurrakan  Mar. 20, 2012 at 15:26

I'm still seeing too many forum threads about broken saves, poor performance, zealous DRM, etc.

And quite a few people say that they actually prefer Arkham Asylum.

DivideByZero  Mar. 20, 2012 at 20:24

AA was new and had some great ideas, it is hard to follow that without repeating. The Scarecrow bit was so fresh and original that it would be impossible to top as you would be expecting something really "out there". That said, there are two bits in AC which they attempt to do just that without being a complete carbon copy of AA and it works OK, but lacking that original spark (which you can only have once).

As for reliability, it is Russian roulette, I played on PC with DX11 and had no issues at all.

Definitely worth a play, especially as the price drops and if you buy on console you can trade in afterwards.


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