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Even More Batman: Arkham City Details Drop In

Felix Kemp
Batman: Arkham City, Games news

Even More Batman: Arkham City Details Drop In

Earlier today, we covered news that Arkham City villain, the Penguin, had been leaked along with a scant few details. It had all originated from UK mag, Games Master, but now the rest of the preview's contents has been disgorged for us to devour. Touching on the gang warfare rife in the titular city, to the new Riddler challenges available, it's all right inside!

First off, Games Master reveals the helicopters patrolling Arkham City airspace can be hooked on to and fly Bats to specific locations across the prison district. It's compared to Red Dead Redemption's train, and should ensure traveling across the vast expanse of criminal-infested Gotham isn't too much of a chore. Not to mention it'll probably be beautiful to watch it all pass underneath your dangling feet.

Turning to the multiple gangs vying for control of the city, Rocksteady explain it's not a dynamically evolving feature, but more of a narrative concern. What I can glean from that is certain gangs will take over certain parts of Arkham not as and when they please, but when the story dictates they should. If that disappoints you, rest assured you'll know who's in charge of a certain district. Comparing it to Ivy's gradual influence on the original asylum, wherever the Joker or Two-Faces' men control an area, it'll be reflected in their image.

A Riddler challenge is described, forcing Batman through multiple stages including glide-kicking through a sturdy wooden fence blocking your way to navigating a room crawling with deadly instruments compared to Edgar Allen Poe's famous poem, The Pit and the Pendulum. Sounds a little bit too much like Prince of Persia to me; but I wouldn't worry. The Riddler challenges are purely optional, offshoot affairs from the main narrative.

Next, an encounter with the resident ruler of Arkham is revealed. Finding himself in the back-street alley behind Monarch Theater where his parents were shot dead, Batman is visited by Hugo Strange's disembodied voice. As well all know, Strange is aware of Batman's dual-identity as the titular caped crusader and billionaire Bruce Wayne. Musing over Batman's choice of costume, Strange remarks, "Hiding your true self, you are truly extraordinary specimen - I look forward to breaking you". Batman is then shown kneeling before a garland of flowers, left their in his parent's memory.

And there's yet more on the Penguin, who's described as having a cockney accent. Which is somewhat disappointing, although considering Rocksteady are, in fact, English, perhaps it won't be the usual tired affair of an American interpretation of that particular dialect. You're first encounter with the squat, umbrella-twirling villain has Batman rescuing police officers being held in Penguin's museum. It ends in a showdown with Penguin's goons, who throw stuff at Batman who simply throws it back. All sounds a bit childish...

Games Master then reveal the one-armed thug alluded to in earlier screenshots is actually one half of a conjoined twin, since separated. Dubbed the Abramovici Twins, they'll no doubt prove a challenging test for Batman, what with those enormous baseball bats of theirs. That's all Games Master had to reveal, but it's exciting, eye-opening stuff. We can't wait to hear more. [Arkham City]

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