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Batman: Arkham City Suffering Save Issues On Xbox 360

Felix Kemp
Batman: Arkham City, Warner Bros. Interactive, Xbox 360
Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City Suffering Save Issues On Xbox 360

Warner Bros. Is On The Case, Needs Your Help

Yet another major contender appears to be enduring an unforeseen issue on the Xbox 360 platform, with Batman: Arkham City joining fellow third-party titan Skyrim on the injury list. But it's not a niggling texture issue, but a glitch that threatens to wipe all Arkham City progress in the blink of an eye. Warner Bros. Interactive is on the case, and has called out for 360 owners of Arkham City to assist in rectifying the issue.

"We greatly appreciate and value you as a customer and apologize for any inconvenience if you have encountered any technical problems which might have impacted your experience with the game," US community manager Andy Cataldo told fans in a post on Arkham City's official boards. "We would very much like to fix the 'disappearing save files' issue some consumers have been reporting with the Xbox 360 version of the game as quickly as possible. Thus far our QA department has been unable to reproduce this issue."

Afflicted players report entire save files disappearing from their Xbox 360, forcing them to start from the very beginning, not knowing whether the issue will rear its head again. However, as Cataldo concedes, Warner Bros. has not yet identified the issue. As such, they've called on 360 players to pass on as much information as possible so their QA team can address the issue.

  • What version of the XBOX 360 hardware are you are experiencing the "disappearing save files" issue on?
  • What storage method are you using to save your Batman: Arkham City game files to (i.e. XBOX 360 hard drive, XBOX 360 memory unit, USB drive)?
  • What version of the XBOX 360 system software do you have on your machine?
  • Are you running a Beta version of the forthcoming XBOX 360 "Holiday 2011" system update?
  • Have you experienced the "disappearing save files" issue before and/or after installing any Batman: Arkham City DLC content (If yes, please be specific as to the DLC content you have downloaded)?
  • Have you experienced the "disappearing save files" issue before and/or after installing either of Batman: Arkham City's two title updates?

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xxx5  Nov. 14, 2011 at 19:19

xbox 360 has had its day.

Late  Nov. 15, 2011 at 08:02

Yeah, I don't think developers will bother bringing out games on the 360 any more...

Had no problems with my saves on Arkham City.
That said, I've not put it in the machine in the last couple of weeks. Fantastic game, but if you complete it the day before another AAA title comes out it falls to the wayside... ;-)

RiKx  Nov. 15, 2011 at 10:11

xbox 360 has had its day.

ha ha ha. Phallus.


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