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Who's Who In The First Batman Imposters Image?

Felix Kemp
Batman Imposters, Games news

Who's Who In The First Batman Imposters Image?

Announced only yesterday, Warner Bros has revealed the first image from their new Batman Imposters title, a multiplayer shooter where Batman and Joker imitators duke it out in multi-tiered arenas. Showcasing each team, the image gives us a glimpse of the sort of style Monolith Productions is employing; a wackier, more exaggerated aesthetic than Rocksteady's realistic approach. Neither team features the real Batman or Joker, so their costumes are satirical ripoffs of the original design. Although since when did Batman ever resemble a viking?

We can also see the differing loadouts on offer, with Monolith allowing us to choose from a specific body-type, be it nimble, medium or large. We can also see a female Joker wielding a high-tech bow and arrow, and it's already been confirmed that jet-skates, bat-hooks and all manner of explosives are on offer. I have to admit, I was perturbed when Imposters was first announced, but between the new details and this image, I'm coming around to the idea. [xg247]

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ODB  May. 18, 2011 at 09:46

Looks like a Batman themed Team Fortress

Felix Kemp  May. 18, 2011 at 12:05

Probably not far off with that comparison.


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