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From Batman's BAFTA to Apple's Revenge - News Roundup 20th March 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Arkham Asylum wins BAFTA Best Game Award

From Batman's BAFTA to Apple's Revenge - News Roundup 20th March 2010

We fully expected Uncharted 2 to clean up at the BAFTAS, and even the bookies were giving great odds for Naughty Dog's critically-acclaimed shooter to win the coveted Best Game Award. However, we're delighted to report that the Caped Crusader swooped in to claim the title. Batman: Arkham Asylum won both Best Game and Best Gameplay, which is a real coup considering the stiff competition. Holy BAFTA upset, Batman!

Don't get me wrong- Uncharted 2 still did extremely well. Naughty Dog took home four shiny gold faces for their trouble, including Best Action Game and Best Story.

FIFA 10 scored the Best Sports Game award (unsurprisingly), but also managed to nab the Best Use of Online award for its innovative multiplayer modes. Flower won Best Artistic Achievement, and Left 4 Dead 2 rightfully earned the title of Best Muliplayer Game (triumphing over the likes of Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3: ODST).

Finally, Shigeru Miyamoto was granted the BAFTA Fellowship Award due to his monumental contribution to gaming as we know it. Which segues nicely into our next story...

Pikmin 3 is "Well Underway"

From Batman's BAFTA to Apple's Revenge - News Roundup 20th March 2010

Hooray. Forget a next-gen Lylat Wars or a radical Mario re-imagining: Miyamoto is still hard at work developing Pikmin 3.

Despite being curiously absent from E3 (and not being mentioned in his exceptionally long BAFTA acceptance speech), Miyamoto has apparently discussed the strategy-action sequel with Official Nintendo Magazine. According to their twitter, it's "well underway."

Actually, I might have been a little hard on the Pikmin franchise. After all, it introduced a young audience to deceptively deep RTS gaming and worked well with limited console controls; here's hoping for an innovative and thought-provoking title that pushes the bounds of console strategy... rather than a cutesy rehash of familiar themes. Release TBA. [ONM via VG247]

Apple Bans Game after Dev Slams "F*cking" App Store

From Batman's BAFTA to Apple's Revenge - News Roundup 20th March 2010

Apple has yanked an indie game from its App Store after its developers publicly (and brutally) laid into their distribution network at GDC. You can watch the whole video here: but suffice to say that Tommy Refenes "f*cking hates" the "awful app store." He also compared the iPhone to the cheap little LCD games that us older gamers used to play as kids: a platform for poor quality games that pushes brands rather than provides a decent gaming experience.

Developer Tommy Refenes has also been playing a game with the pricing of Zits and Giggles: his banal little touch screen game that wasn't selling too well at a bargain price. Every time someone downloaded it from the app store, Refenes upped the price tier... and the application reached over $400 before it was removed.

Unfortunately, his game was recently banned from the App store with no warning or explanation. It's still unclear whether Apple scrubbed his apps because...

A: Dissent will not be tolerated!

B: His pricing scheme game was unfair to consumers

C: The games were just bad.

As such, we don't yet know if this is an epic story of Big Corporations ragging on the little guy, or a loudmouthed mercenary getting his just desserts. What we do know, however, is that the viability of the iPhone as a gaming device has been attacked once again. Let us know what you think about iGaming in the comments! [Kotaku]

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