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Battle: Los Angeles Game In The Works?

Felix Kemp
Battle: Los Angeles, Halo: Combat Evolved, Saber Interactive

Battle: Los Angeles Game In The Works?

According to Australia's classification website, a videogame adaption of Jonathan Liebesman's Battle: Los Angeles film is in the works at Saber Interactive, due to be published by Konami. It's the first we've heard of the game, and with the film due for release in March it's unlikely this is a big-budget, retail release. However, what's more intriguing is the inclusion of Saber Interactive.

Because Saber, you see, is supposedly the developer of the alleged Halo: Combat Evolved remake. Now, it's not uncommon for a developer to be working on more than one game, and with the Battle: Los Angeles adaption looking likely to be a download-only release, and the Combat Evolved remake requiring careful retrofitting rather than full-scale development work, Saber Interactive might be due for a resurgence of sort soon. On a side-note, director Liebesman has already admitted modern videogames influenced his film.

But then again, I'm still doubtful Saber is in charge of the Combat Evolved remake. Studios often farm out remakes to other studios, but with 343 Industries slowly taking shape, I can't see Microsoft passing on the chance of having their new Halo-centric studio deliver perhaps the biggest remake in history. Only time will tell, I suppose. [Classification Gov]

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